Optimize your perception. Your putting demands it.

Putting consistently and accurately takes deliberate practice. Most importantly, it requires mastering multiple perceptual skills. 

Master your putting with top perceptual expert, Dr. Ryan Caserta. Dr. Caserta has helped amateur and professional golfers win on every major tour around the world with IMPACT.

Sink more putts with Individualized Multidimensional Perceptual And Cognitive Training that tracks eye movements with military precision to hone perceptual expertise. Make all of your efforts on the green pay off faster. 


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Train to trust and quickly capitalize on the information your eyes and brain receive with the fundamentals of multidimensional training. Improving your perception and cognition will help you avoid perceptual biases and accurately see the hole and line of your putt. Learn how you can improve your perception for more wins with the IMPACT programs.


Discover how to develop and maintain your perceptual expertise. 


Use perceptual training regularly to access 20% or more of your untapped potential. Imagine the possibilities!


Learn a science-based, PGA Tour-tested approach in-person or at your own pace online to help coordinate all aspects of your golf training for quick, effective results.

Your visual perception is your key to winning. 

See the IMPACT Program in Action

Learn with the IMPACT Program online first, at your own pace, in your own space.

Access professional golfer eye-tracking videos and other demonstrations to apply to - and ultimately strengthen - your game. 

Practice the steps and sink more putts!

Take your game farther, faster. You can level up for a 1:1 Pro Session Assessment with Doc C.

Eye-Tracking Videos

Get a close-up view of what golfers' eyes see as they putt. See how perception affects performance through eye-tracking technology.


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"Most productive 2 hours of time spent on my golf game was with Dr. Ryan Caserta in Central Florida. Dr. Caserta was able to assess how my eyes and perception were letting me down when it comes to performing under pressure. Since working together, I have been able to tremendously improve my putting lowering my index strictly working on fundamentals he taught me. When it comes to putting, if you are unable to perceive target[s] correctly you have no chance. Working with Dr. Caserta has been an eye opening experience! I was a 10 handicap when we met and regarded at my club as a poor putter. No one was giving me anything outside of 2 ft. Now I am a 5 handicap all on the basis of improved putting."

Robert Olesen
Amateur Golfer

"[Doc C's] putting training gave me the guidance to become a confident and more effective putter. I improved from an average of 35 putts per round to 30 putts or less per round, 30-40 more feet of putts made per round, and from 3-6ft, improved from 50% to nearly 90%!"

Joseph Tucker
Collegiate Golfer (College of Coastal Georgia)

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Caserta. The system he created has helped my putting tremendously and has given me the utmost confidence over the golf ball. Before I met Dr. Caserta I was averaging 36 putts per round and that number began to drop after the very first day we worked together. To this day I still continue to do everything he taught me and now average 29 putts per round! He has endless information and learning to use and trust my eyes properly was a real game changer."

Dave Pecorella
Professional Golfer

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Ryan Caserta, and I must say it was nothing short of amazing. Dr. C was able to help me take my game to a level I thought was impossible. His ground breaking methods helped me amass 9 mini tour wins in just 6 months. He knows more about how to quiet your mind and play through your subconscious than anybody else in the world. Whether you’re trying to get on the PGA Tour or in need of help with your mental game, Dr. Caserta is the most innovative and qualified coach there is!"

Jim Troy
Northern Ohio PGA Player of the Year 2018 & 2020

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