Doug Dvorak, The First Academy Varsity Head Baseball Coach & Former MLB Player

Dr. Caserta’s expertise and training in eye movement as it relates to athletics was extremely helpful it developing successful habits to propel my players in hitting.  As coaches, we spend a tremendous amount of time on the fundamentals of hitting and often overlook the most important aspect of seeing the baseball.  Dr. Caserta’s program and explanation are a great way to develop hitters to reach their maximum potential.

Jim Troy, 2018 & 2020 Northern Ohio PGA Player of the Year

Career 28 Mini Tour Wins

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Ryan Caserta, and I must say it was nothing short of amazing.  Dr. C was able to help me take my game to a level I thought was impossible.  His ground breaking methods helped me amass 9 mini tour wins in just 6 months.  He knows more about how to quiet your mind and play through your subconscious than anybody else in the world.  Whether you’re trying to get on the PGA Tour or in need of help with your mental game, Dr. Caserta is the most innovative and qualified coach there is!"

Joseph Tucker, Collegiate Golfer at the College of Coastal Georgia

"Before I met Dr. Caserta I didn’t have a lot of confidence with my putting. I am and grew up a ball-striker, the long game came very naturally to me while putting at times felt so foreign. I came to Ryan as a golfer that could hit 16 greens and shoot over par. At times I dreaded walking up to the green because I didn’t have the confidence in my putting to capitalize on the green. I had a decent stroke but not seeing the ball go in the hole over the years got unbelievably frustrating. I spent a weekend working with Dr. Caserta over the course of 10 hours. It was unlike any instruction I have received in my whole golf career. He educated me in the aspect of my game, that I never thought to train or even was aware of the impact it could make on my game, your ‘Perceptual Skill.’ Not only did I gain confidence in my overall putting after those 10 hours, but I also built a perceptual base or system around my putting where I am able to self diagnose very quickly and effectively because Dr. Caserta helped me understand how your routine and your eye movement can help and hurt you. He helped me understand it so that I can apply it when I find myself struggling to make putts and make the correct adjustments even during the heat of competition. His putting training gave me the guidance to become a confident and more effective putter. I improved from an average of 35 putts per round to 30 putts or less per round, 30-40 more feet of putts made per round, and from 3-6ft, improved from 50% to nearly 90%!”

Curtiss Weinstein, Amateur Golfer

“I’ve taken hundreds if not thousands of full swing and putting lessons in the past 22 years. The pro was always focused on mechanics. My stroke got better, but the putts still didn’t fall. When I met with Doc he said, ‘I don’t talk about mechanics, I want to teach you how to use your eyes.’ No pun intended, but it was the most eye-opening experience I ever had. It is now a rare anomaly for me to three putt. My handicap has dropped dramatically because of these principles. If you want to improve your game, learn how to use your eyes. I think a golfer who knows how to use his eyes will perform better than a golfer with great mechanics.”

Ryan Hilton, Professional Golfer/Tour Caddie

"After working with Dr. Ryan Caserta on multiple occasions, it became very evident the importance of the eyes in golf or any sport for that matter. Your eyes do not just see, they also remember. After the very first session, I had already learned more about the eyes than I had learned in any classroom. We focused mainly on the short game and putting more specifically. I learned things like the orientation of the eyes can change where you perceive the hole to be. Having your eyes inside the ball or too far over the ball makes a big difference. He explained where the best place for your eyes to be was and why it produced the best results. But the most interesting thing I learned was the eyes are constantly taking pictures. More pictures don’t necessarily mean a clearer picture. Without spilling any secrets, as I am no expert, Dr. Caserta has a blueprint narrowed down to a specific time that allows you to shut off your brain and in essence just “putt to the Picture”. Being able to shut off my conscious mind while putting has really freed me up to make more putts, be more confident, and to shoot lower scores."

Dave Pecorella, Professional Golfer

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Caserta. The system he created has helped my putting tremendously and has given me the utmost confidence over the golf ball. Before I met Dr. Caserta I was averaging 36 putts per round and that number began to drop after the very first day we worked together. To this day I still continue to do everything he taught me and now average 29 putts per round! He has endless information and learning to use and trust my eyes properly was a real game changer.”

Robert Olesen, Amateur Golfer

“Most productive 2 hours of time spent on my golf game was with Dr. Ryan Caserta in Central Florida. Dr. Caserta was able to assess how my eyes and perception were letting me down when it comes to performing under pressure. Since working together, I have been able to tremendously improve my putting, lowering my index strictly working on fundamentals he taught me. When it comes to putting if you are unable to perceive targets correctly you have no chance. Working with Dr. Caserta has been an eye opening experience! I was a 10 handicap when we met and regarded at my club as a poor putter. No one was giving me anything outside of 2 ft. Now I am a 5 handicap all on the basis of improved putting.”

Billy Dowell, Jr., Aspiring Professional Golfer

“I began working with Dr. Ryan Caserta for my putting. He is an expert in sports vision and was very impactful in helping my putting. We began by using technology to get the eye tracking assessment of how my eyes function. We did training on the practice putting green and on the course. Once Dr. Caserta had an understanding of my eye functions, we began eye training. The knowledge gained is information I can always apply to better my performance. We also did short game training for pitching and chipping. I am always pleased with his preparation and process of teaching. Dr. Caserta does a tremendous job of investing in his students process. Having a vision condition made working with Dr. Caserta even more impactful for me. Learning how to utilize my good eye was a great positive for me on the greens. Vision training with Dr. Caserta has greatly helped my golf.”

David Bulger, Amateur Golfer/Golf Addict

“I started to play golf in late 2008 at the age of 42. I have to say I never worked so hard, to suck so bad at something, in my entire life. I looked to the PGA Tour Pro’s on twitter to understand their approach to the game, and I quickly noticed 3 things that they all seemed to have in common: a swing coach, a golf focused fitness trainer, and a sport psychologist/mind coach. After establishing my first handicap of 31.7, ugly but mine, I set out to identify 3 individuals who could help me. A random conversation with Dr. Ryan Caserta on the range of my club peaked my interest. I signed up for 3 of his programs very quickly after this amazing conversation - putting, tee shots, and approach shots. Each curriculum moved the needle on my game by hitting more fairways, hitting more greens, and virtually eliminating 3 putts from my game.  If you execute what he teaches consistently, then distance control for putting will almost be as simple as looking and sending the ball to the hole. I am now 11 years into my love affair with golf, I regularly break 80, and my handicap index just revised to 7.3. I have no doubt I would still be struggling to break 80 without the knowledge and systems I learned from Ryan. If you really want to know how what you do with your eyes and your mind during a round affects your game, then Ryan is your coach. You will not be disappointed.”

Felicity Lloyd-Jones, Professional Golfer

“The time I spent with Doc was one of the best investments in my golf game as a pro. His technique and insight has completely altered the way I putt forever and instantly increased my confidence putting and on the golf course!”

Fred Griffin, PGA Member & Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

“As a coach, I am always looking at new and innovated ways to help my players improve their golf game.  Ryan’s science-based training in visual perception has not only greatly improved my coaching and as a result my students’ performance, but it has made a tremendous influence in my game.  Not in a million years would I have ever figured out that the main culprit of missing putts inside 10 feet was my eyes not being consistent, fixated, and quiet during my routine and stroke. Ryan educated me on the importance of eye training in golf and now it is an integral part of my game and every lesson I give.”

Scott Moe, Head Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach
Gustavus Adolphus College

"We were very fortunate to connect with Dr. Caserta during our spring break trip. Our players were at first a little reluctant to try something new, as many high level golfers are, but once they were able to see their eye movements being tracked and learned how to minimize movement, it all made sense and they started to implement the trainings into their routines.  We saw great results with our players, our women finished the regular season undefeated and posted a runner-up finish at the NCAA Championship, and the following year our men finished top 10.  Having the knowledge of what your eyes do makes the world of difference. Dr. Caserta made it easy for our players to understand the importance of eye training and how beneficial it is to take your game to the next level."

Matt Carroll, Professional Golfer

"I can honestly say that the impact on my putting, after working with Doc, was the single biggest improvement I’ve ever had, over any facet of my game, in such a short amount of time. We worked together for a couple of hours, and the following day I played a mini tour event. I won. There isn’t much more that needs to be said, in my opinion."